Singtel Dash payment will soon be accepted in Japan

03 August 2019

Singtel Dash is a mobile wallet with a suite of benefits for users. It allows users to pay with Dash Visa Virtual account, pay on buses, trains and taxis, pay overseas, send money locally, remit money and exclusive deals for users as well as of course, making payments at Dash merchants.

Soon, users will also be able to pay for their purchases in Japan with Dash following the addition of mobile payment technology company Netstars to regional payment network VIA. Netstars has 100,000 shops in its payment network, including Family mart, outlets at Haneda airport and amusement parks.

Users will be able to instantly pay in their local currency, transact conveniently and securely, and enjoy competitive foreign exchange rates in Japan.

Spearheaded by Singtel, VIA is part of Singtel’s push to lead the growing but fragmented e-payment market as it looks to develop in new areas.

Mr Lang did not reveal the transaction volume on VIA since its launch. He said: “We are still ramping up. We want to create that network effect because… we need to focus on merchant points and customer sign-ups.”

NPN has been engaged by dash to help increase their merchant points and with these added benefits, we look forward an increased demand for Dash in terms of users as well as merchants.

NPN is built on a vision to redefine retail by enabling seamless engagement between retailers, supplies and end users since 2009. NPN has built a retail ecosystem that blends digital products and services in a unified way that features the retailers, suppliers and end users at the center.
By harnessing the latest advancement of internet and technology, we have been benefiting our stakeholders and building up trust with our partners through our work and commitments over the years. Our consistency in our development and work ethics have resulted in the generous support by more than a thousand of retail outlets and reputable companies in Singapore.


credits: The Straits Times

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