Terms & Conditions


All users agree that access to and use of New POS Network (“NPN”) service is subject to the following terms and conditions and other applicable laws. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use NPN’s service.

New POS Network (S) Pte Ltd – NPN is a new e-commerce platform that provides an innovative solution for retailers to sell prepaid calling cards and much more products using a POS machine device, or just software installed in your smart phone.

Let’s use phone cards as a sample. Firstly, NPN will buy a soft pin and/or a physical pin from local telecommunications operators and import them into our database. To perform a top-up transaction, the retailer is required to choose the desired top-up card from the menu and follow a few simple instructions displayed. There are 2 methods to top-up.

One is to issue a pin to the end-users. The provider will give a receipt to the end-user, which indicates a pin as well as the top-up, calling, and hotline information. End-users can then perform the top-up by themselves.

Another one is direct top-up. The end-user will provide the number for top-up. Once the top-up is completed, the end user will receive a call back from the calling card company as an acknowledgement for the successful top-up transaction.

For PIN based products, the PIN will be printed on the receipt if the transaction is successful. In case of any unforeseen technical errors during transactions, please inform us at +65 64110972. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide us with correct information. NPN shall not be held responsible for receipts stolen, lost, or otherwise. NPN shall also not be held responsible for unauthorized use of PIN.

For the direct top-up, the credits will be directly topped-up into the account which is provided by the user. NPN shall not be held responsible for any mistakenly entered credits that are caused by the user’s false account information.

PIN Based Product

NPN does not allow refunds, except ALL following conditions are met:

  • PIN has not been used
  • PIN has not been exposed to any user(s)
  • PIN has not expired
  • PIN has not been activated by any user(s)
  • PIN is issued within one year

If all the conditions are met, credit of PIN will be refunded to shop retailers in 5 working days. Phone cards sold 1 year before, are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.


Direct Top Up Product


NPN shall have no responsibility for any losses incurred if the money has been refunded to end user for direct top up products.

Lost or Destroyed POS Terminal: Deposit will not be refunded ( Accordingly to signed contract)
Lost or Destroyed Charger:               $30
Lost or Destroyed Printer Cover:     $10
Lost or Destroyed Battery:                $30
Lost or Destroyed Access Card:       $10
Lost or Destroyed Battery Lid:         $10
Lost or Destroyed Printer Roller:     $10
Lost or Destroyed Front Case:         $30
Lost or Destroyed Base Case:          $30

In the event of a dispute, a customer’s entitlement is subject to the sole discretion and final determination of New POS Network (S) Pte Ltd.

New Pos Network (S) Pte Ltd reserves the right to revise any of these terms and conditions at its discretion without prior notice. Subscription to New POS Network (S) Pte Ltd and continued use of the services will constitute as acceptance of these terms and conditions (including revisions thereof).

We collect and use personal information (including company name, name, address, telephone number and email) to better provide you with the required services, or information. We would therefore use your information in order to:

  • respond to queries or requests submitted by you
  • process orders or applications submitted by you
  • administer or otherwise carry out our obligations in relation to any agreement you have with us
  • anticipate and resolve problems with any goods or services supplied to you
  • create products or services that may meet your needs.
  • promotional activities created by NPN Singapore

To optimise our services we may wish to use your data for direct marketing. As we respect your privacy we will only use your data for this purpose when you are aware thereof and if required we will request your consent prior to using your data for direct marketing.

Additionally, if at any time you wish us to stop using your information for any or all of the above purposes, please contact us as set out below. We will stop the use of your information for such purposes as soon as it is reasonably possible to do so.

In addition, the collected data will (occasionally) be transferred to selected third parties, which may be located outside of Singapore as part of the services offered to you through our site. By way of example, this may happen if any of our servers are from time to time located in a country outside of Singapore or one of our service providers is located in a country outside of Singapore.

These third parties will not use your information for any other purposes than what we have agreed with them. Shell requests those third parties to implement adequate levels of protection in order to safeguard your personal information.

We respect your information and therefore, we will take steps to ensure that your privacy rights continue to be protected if we transfer your information outside of Singapore in this way. In addition, if you use our services while you are outside Singapore, your information may be transferred outside Singapore in order to provide you with those services.

Except as set out in this section, we will not disclose any personally identifiable information without your permission unless we are legally entitled or required to do so (for example, if required to do so by legal process or for the purposes of prevention of fraud or other crime) or if we believe that such action is necessary to protect and/or defend our rights, property or personal safety and those of our users/customers or other individuals.

Please be assured that we will not use your information for any of the purposes if you have indicated that you do not wish us to use your information in this way when submitting the information or at a later stage.


  1. Service Description.

NPN Singapore process payment application on behalf of Merchant for purchase of Products and provides ongoing technical support for Merchant. Upon successful application, the Machine-Readable Medium as selected by the merchants for the purpose of making Spot Payment regarding any relevant transaction intended to be entered into offline between Users and Merchant, and subject to the deduction of any applicable Service Fee herein, the amount paid will be shown as “credited’ in the record of Merchant under the stated email login given by Merchants.  All risks and responsibilities in relation to the Payment shall be addressed and shouldered by the User and the Merchant.

Merchant authorizes NPN Singapore and Acquisition Parties to deduct such Service Fee from the Transaction Value to be settled with Merchant, and such Service Fee payable to NPN Singapore and Payment Provider by Merchant under the Agreement shall be exclusive of Taxes that may be levied by any applicable jurisdiction. Monthly Transaction Value shall not include any Refunds

  • All settlements will be credited into NPN Account by Default
  • Settlements to be at T+7
  • Withdrawal of incoming funds will only made available if amount is within wallet limit
  • Any withdrawal amount below $50 will be charged with a $1 service fee.
  • Service fee is deductible from the withdraw amount
  • Withdrawal is only applicable to the following banks, DBS,UOB and OCBC only. Any other banks will be charged with a $0.50 admin charge
  • Any mobile wallet payment service is NOT applicable for any rebates offered by NPN
  • Service Fee is not refundable, unless either situation described below occurs:
  • If charges to Merchant more than the Service Fee set forth above, NPN Singapore OR Payment Provider will return the additional Service Fee charged to Merchant as soon as practicable.
  • If charges to Merchant less than the Service Fee set forth above, Merchant authorizes NPN Singapore  to deduct directly the amount of outstanding Service Fee from the To-be Settled Fund.
  1. Term and Termination

Either Merchant or NPN Singapore may also terminate this Agreement without notice (i) for material breach if such breach is not cured upon 30 day notice or (ii) if either Merchant or NPN Singapore becomes subject to bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, winding up or similar dissolution procedures.  Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement to the contrary, NPN Singapore may terminate this Agreement immediately, if NPN Singapore determines, in its sole discretion, that compliance with this Agreement would cause NPN Singapore or any of its Affiliates to violate or potentially violate any law or compliance policy of NPN Singapore or any of its Affiliates. NPN Singapore may terminate or suspend the NPN Singapore Service without notice to merchant if NPN Singapore reasonably suspects that Merchant has breached or defaulted under any term of this Agreement.




An individual who is an applicant, a proposed guarantor, a director of an applicant or guarantor company or account signatory must read this Statement. All Parts of this Statement apply to you.

If a company is an applicant or is proposed as a guarantor, a copy of this Statement must be read by each director unless we agree to it being signed by an authorised representative of the company. Parts 1, 2 and 4 of this Statement apply to any authorised representative

This Statement explains how NPN Singapore OR Payment Provider (“us/we”) collect, use and disclose personal information. The uses and disclosures of personal information set out in this Privacy Statement and Consent remains subject to any prohibitions (except those capable of being overcome by consent) under laws applicable in the country corresponding to that in your trading address specified in Part A of the Application Form or in your HQ / Corporate address specified in the same if your trading address is left blank.

“Personal information” is information about or which identifies individuals and includes without limitation trading history information. It includes information obtained from any source.

We will not use or disclose information collected about you otherwise than as set out in this Statement, for a purpose you would reasonably expect, a purpose required or authorised by law, or a purpose otherwise disclosed to, or authorised by, you.

This Statement also contains your consent for us to send communications about products and services including commercial electronic messages.

PART 1 – Personal information about third parties

You represent that, if at any time you supply us with personal information about another person (i.e. an individual – for example, a referee, a director, or a person to whom the payment is to be directed), you are authorised to do so and you agree to inform that person who we are, that we will use and disclose that personal information for the relevant purposes set out in the Application Form and that they can gain access to the information we hold about them in accordance.


PART 2 – Uses and disclosures of personal information

  1. Purposes for which we collect and use personal information:
  • Personal information about you which may at any time be provided to us in connection with the provision of merchant services may be held and used by us to assess and process the Application Form received from you, to establish, provide and administer the merchant services and to consider and execute your instructions.
  • You agree that, in assessing your Application Form and collecting amounts payable by you, or where relevant, in assessing whether to accept you as a guarantor, we may seek and obtain from a credit reporting agency a commercial and or consumer credit report or from us or another financial institution an opinion or bank reference about you, and may give personal or credit information about you to the credit reporting agency or us or another financial institution for this purpose. You agree to the exchange of information between us and to a credit reporting agency or another financial institution providing reports and information to us and to the credit reporting agency creating and maintaining a credit information file containing information about you.
  • You also agree that personal information about you which may at any time be provided to us in connection with the Merchant Services facility, including any commercial or consumer credit report we obtain about you, may be held and used by us for the purposes (as relevant) of:
  • assessing your merchant services application or whether we will accept a guarantee and indemnity from you or any other person in relation to your merchant services facility;
  • providing the merchant services to you, including processing Credit Card transactions, tracing payments, administering Chargeback and resolving your enquiries;
  • complying with legislative and regulatory requirements or as otherwise permitted or authorised by law;
  • considering any other application or request you may make to either of us;
  • performing our administrative operations, including accounting, risk management, record keeping, archiving, systems development and testing, credit scoring and staff training;
  • managing our rights and obligations in relation to external payment systems e.g. Credit Card Associations and debit payment schemes;
  • conducting market or customer satisfaction research;
  • developing, establishing and administering alliances and other arrangements (including rewards programs) with other organisations in relation to the promotion, administration and use of our respective products and services;
  • developing and identifying products and services that may interest you; and
  • (Unless you ask us not to) telling you about products and services offered by us or any of our affiliates.
  • The collection of information about you is not required by law, but without it, we may not be able to provide you with the Merchant Services for which application is made.
  • Where personal information, which we collect about you, is sensitive information (such as information about health status, religious belief, membership of a professional or trade association or a criminal record), by disclosing that information to us, you nevertheless consent to its collection by us
  1. Commercial electronic messages
  • We may use your personal details, including any electronic addresses you have provided to us or for which you are the relevant electronic account holder (both “your addresses”) to contact you in order to provide you with information and to tell you about products and services, including those of third parties, which we consider maybe of interest to you.
  • You warrant that you have authority either as or on behalf of the relevant electronic account holder to provide this consent.
  • You agree that until you provide written notice or use an unsubscribe facility included with a commercial electronic message to withdraw your consent, we may continue to send commercial electronic messages to your addresses.
  1. Disclosure of personal information

You agree that we may collect personal information about you from, and disclose it to the following, as appropriate, even if the disclosure is to an organisation located in another country which is not subject to the privacy obligations which are equivalent to those which apply to us:

  • our agents, contractors and external advisers whom we engage from time to time to provide services to us or carryout, or advise on, our functions and activities and you authorise them to seek disclosure of your credit information for this purpose including but not limited to NPN Singapore OR Payment Provider involved in the provision of merchant services to you;
  • your agents and contractors, including your referees and your legal or financial adviser;
  • your executor, administrator, trustee, guardian or attorney if you authorise them in writing to seek disclosure of this information;
  • your franchisor (if applicable);
  • any financial institution with whom you have a merchant account;
  • regulatory bodies, government agencies, multi-jurisdictional agencies, law enforcement bodies and courts;
  • debt collecting agencies;
  • any person or organisation who introduces you to us;
  • other organisations with whom we have alliances or arrangements (including reward programs) for the purpose of promoting our respective products and services;
  • anyone supplying goods or services to you in connection with a rewards program or other alliance associated with the facility;
  • external payment systems operators and participants (e.g. credit card payment systems (e.g. Visa and MasterCard, CUP or JCB) or debit payment systems);
  • your and our insurers or prospective insurers and their underwriters;
  • your co-applicants, sureties, guarantors and co-guarantors and prospective co-applicants, sureties, guarantors and co-guarantors for the purposes of considering whether to provide a guarantee and indemnity or security;
  • any person considering purchasing a contract entered into by you from us and that person’s advisers, persons involved in assessing the risks and funding of the purchase and, after purchase, the purchaser and any manager on an ongoing basis;
  • any person to the extent necessary, in our view, in order to carry out any instruction you give to us;
  • (Unless you tell us not to) other organisations including our related bodies corporate (and our agents and their agents) for the marketing of their products and services.

PART 3 – What credit information can be disclosed?

Relevant Laws may allow us to disclose certain credit information about you. Subject to restrictions under relevant laws in your country, the information about you that we disclose to credit reporting agencies is:

  • your identity particulars – including your name, sex, address (and the previous two addresses), date of birth, name of employer, and drivers license number;
  • the fact that you have applied for commercial credit and the amount;
  • the fact that we are a current credit provider to you;
  • repayments overdue by more than 60 days, and for which debt collection action has started
  • dishonored cheque – cheque drawn by you which have been dishonored more than once, according to statutory limits applicable in the country corresponding to that in your Trading address specified in Part A of the Merchant Processing Application Form or in your HQ / Corporate address specified in the same if your Trading address is left blank.
  • that your overdue repayments have been paid; and
  • Information that, in our opinion you have committed a serious credit infringement.

This information may be given before, during or after the provision of credit to you. The credit information about you that we disclose to the other organisations listed in this Privacy Statement and Consent is the above information, together with any information contained in or derived from a credit report obtained from a credit reporting agency including information about your credit worthiness, credit standing, credit history or credit capacity but only to the extent permitted by law and/or regulation


PART 4 – Access to your personal information and contacting us

  • Subject to any limitations under Privacy Laws and data protection laws applicable in the country corresponding to that in your Trading address specified in Part A of the Application Form or in your HQ / Corporate address specified in the same if your Trading address is left blank, you may seek access to information, which we hold about you at any time by calling NPN Singapore OR the Payment Provider

(iI) You may, at any time, ask us not to send you any further information about products and services and not to disclose your information to any other organisations (including related bodies corporate) for that purpose. You may do this by calling the NPN Singapore

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