With NPN, you can gain access to a whole new customer stream, and drive cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with no valuable retail space needed. We offer daily customer service support and a ‘Worry Free’ program for retailer protection.

Low Start-Up Capital | 1-Solution Fits All Services | Marketing Support

  • 7 days Customer Service Support

Our dedicated Customer Service Team operates from 10am – 10pm Daily (even for Public Holidays, except for Chinese New Year Holidays).  So, you wouldn’t have to worry that your enquiries or questions will be left un-answered

  • Marketing Support to bring in more traffic and revenue generating

We are constantly working out of the box to ensure the marketing campaign reaches to the maximum attention. Marketing collaterals made available to all! Request from our professional Account Managers today.

  • Wide inventory of products to sell

NPN backed with a team full of brains. Our team are always on the go and constantly sourcing for new business that will upstake your business value. All within at the point of your fingertips, we have more than 300 over kind of exciting products available for sell.

  • Competitive cost comparing to local market

In the rising economic standards, NPN ensure our rate and cost remain competitive.
Interested in getting the latest price list? Speak to us today!

  • ‘Worry Free’ program for retailer protection

NPN got your back! We understand that transacting error do occurs due to many reasons and monies are lost. To safe guard you from losing out on the transaction, NPN offers ‘Worry Free’ program*.
*Terms and Conditions applies

  • Provide demographics and Data Analysis

Want to know how to increase your daily footfall and sales transaction? Upon request and discussion, NPN able to provide personalize statistics that suits your business module.

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