WOW WEDNESDAY is the New Friday

Find waiting for Big Sale Campaigns tiring?

How does a Weekly Promotion Campaign sound?

NPN has decided to launch an all exclusive Weekly Campaign Promotion on our Online E-Commerce Stores.

On every Wednesday of the week from 8PM to 10PM, NPN will run promotion on selected favourite brands and products.

📅 Date: Every Wednesday of the Week
 Time: 8PM – 10PM
📍 Where: Lazada, Shopee & Qoo10

 Limited Stocks Available 🏃🏻‍♂️ Fastest Fingers Win!

Click on the below Online Stores to purchase.

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How to accept more forms of digital payments and why it’s good for your biz

We have mentioned this quite a few times and we are sure you have seen news articles related to this many times in recent times.

Our country is moving towards being a smart nation which accepts digital mobile payments. There has been a steady increase in the number of digital wallets/payment providers recently. The acceptance of more payment methods means your business can reach a wider group of customers, including tourists.

Our friendly neighboring countries such as China and Thailand (especially so in China) has seen a high adoption rate for digital payments and it has become a way of life for their people. Cash transactions are such a rarity in China these days, it is said the only people who ever transact in cash are tourists. Since it has become a way of life for these people, they will naturally be more drawn to businesses in Singapore which accepts payment methods which they are accustomed to back at home.

NPN has always prided itself in its ability to provide different solutions to aid the different needs businesses may have. We’ve heard from our retailers that one of their concern is the many different terminals they may need for the different types of digital payments as well as having multiple parties to settle with. NPN has the solution for this headache a retailer may have while also allowing them the flexibility to accept payments from multiple digital wallets. NPN’s N-play has multiple wallets such as Singtel Dash, WeChat Pay, Alipay, Grabpay, and most recently, Unionpay’s QR Payment.

Unionpay is one of the most popular choice for payments in China. Unionpay customers are able to pay easily with Unionpay’s QR payment even in Singapore. All it takes is a simple scan of QR code. Do not let slip this group of customers just because you do not accept this form of payment that the Chinese nationals are accustomed to. Contact NPN if you are interested to take on N-Play, our suite of digital payments all rolled in 1.

FairPrice E-Vouchers For Your Gifting Needs

FairPrice Online is the e-commerce portal of NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd, Singapore’s largest grocery retailer. With FairPrice Online, you can shop for a wide range of your household needs – from fresh produce to quality wines, and home care essentials to baby products. Have them delivered to your door, or choose the most convenient time and place for pickup. Enjoy an effortless shopping experience with FairPrice Online, whether from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

NPN now stocks Fairprice Online e-vouchers which you may purchase from your favourite e-commerce platforms at a discounted rate as a gift or for personal use. Buy them here:

Lazada: http://bit.ly/lazFPOn

Shopee: http://bit.ly/SHPFPon

Qoo10: http://bit.ly/Q10FPOn


NPN has been priding itself as a multifaceted company, constantly improving and providing solutions to small businesses as well as big corporations. One of the many solutions we provide is to supply a range of e-vouchers which corporations can purchase as gifts. Do drop us a line if you’re keen on these e-vouchers.

Gojek Vouchers – now available

Ride hailing apps have become quite an integral part of our lives. We are getting more and more used to turning to these apps as solution to our transportation woes which equates to a higher demand. We all know what usually happens when demand increases for something.
So don’t we all love it even more when we can get a bang for our buck and some savings for these ride hailing apps?
Well, NPN is happy to share that we are the only place in Singapore where you can purchase vouchers from for the 2 major ride hailing apps at a discount!

We have recently included Gojek vouchers into our wide variety of products. NPN is proud to be the only place that provides Gojek vouchers and at a discounted price. Purchase online at NPN shop on Lazada, Shopee or Qoo10. We think these make the perfect gifts for friends, family and even business associates!

For corporate orders, do reach out to us at hello@npn.sg

Shopee moves into new headquarters

SINGAPORE-based e-commerce company Shopee has recently moved into their new headquarters at Science Park. The new building has an office space of 244,000 square feet across six floors and is expected to house up to 3,000 employees. The company currently employs more than 1,000 employees and is looking to hire more talent and strengthen its presence across South-east Asia and Taiwan.

In addition to workspaces and a cafeteria, the building houses a 3,000 square feet gymnasium, a mini arcade and a dinner catering service. Shopee was previously located at Ascent in Science Park, with part of the team working out of Sea’s headquarters at Galaxis in one-north.

Since its founding four years ago, Shopee has rapidly risen to become one of the top players in the region. It is currently present in seven markets.


NPN has been working with Shopee for a while now and have seen a major growth in this e-commerce platform. We have recently visited their new headquarters and it looks great! We are excited to continue our partnership with Shopee and to bring the collaboration to greater heights. Congratulations to Shopee and their new home!

Photo credits: Vulcan Post

Digital bank license application opens

We have previously shared about how Singapore will be moving towards starting of digital banks and this is on it’s way to becoming a reality very soon.

Applications for a digital bank license has opened during the last week of August right through till the end of the year. The regulator opened up applications for no more than two licences for a digital full bank, and up to three licences for a digital wholesale bank.

The 2 digital full-fledged banks will be able to provide a wide range of financial services and take deposits from retail and non-retail customers.

They will commence with a minimum paid-up capital of S$15 million and subjected to an aggregate deposit cap of S$50 million, with deposits per individual capped at S$75,000.

The remaining three can become digital wholesale banks, serving small and medium enterprises and other non-retail segments. They are not allowed to take deposits from retail customers except for fixed deposits of at least S$250,000.

These wholesale banks must have a minimum paid-up capital of S$100 million and can be owned by foreign companies as long as they are locally incorporated.

The entry of new players could lead to the biggest shake-up in two decades in a market dominated by local banks DBS Group, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp and United Overseas Bank.

Many of NPN’s partners have expressed interest in the digital bank license and NPN is eager to see how things will roll out for them.

Grab, which has investors such as SoftBank Group Corp and Uber, and Singtel have expressed interest for the licences.

Gaming company Razer said in June that it will “definitely consider” applying for the digital bank licence.

FOMO Pay has also said that it is evaluating the criteria to qualify as an applicant.

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9.9 Promotions

Payday is here and 9 September is a mere 10 days away from us.

What is so special about 9 September you might ask.. WELL WELL WELL.. it’s the start of a string of sale events for the last few months of this year (10.10, 11.11, 12.12. You get the gist..).
I’d be saving up this month’s pay for a few more days if I were you cos you will definitely be getting more bang for your buck during these sale campaigns.

For starters, the e-commerce platforms will all be giving out some extra perks to shoppers during the campaign period (eg, vouchers, cashback, etc) to offset your shopping. On top of that, individual shops such as NPN, Singtel and Wiseroam will also be running their own promotions, which can only mean EVEN GREATER SAVINGS. WOOHOOO~~.

Regular user of food delivery services or online grocery shopping? Or a gamer? We reckon that you’d like to keep a lookout for great deals coming up on NPN.

End of the year is also everyone’s favourite travelling period and everyone likes to stay connected even during overseas travel right? Wiseroam has got you covered there. Look out for attractive deals and vouchers during 9.9. We promise you some GREAT savings.
Pssst. Wiseroam’s China SIM cards are already a great deal with a free China number as an SMS forwarder and wechat hong bao but we promise you even more attractive deals on top of that already awesome bundle. You wont wanna give it a miss.

Singtel will be offering some GREAT DEALS. The best since their entrance onto ecommerce platforms so you’d definitely want to stay tuned for that. We promise that the promotions are worth staying tuned for. Think high value vouchers, price off big brand name handsets 🙂


We hope that all these are getting you excited. So remember to save those moolahs for the upcoming promotions! 🙂


Singtel’s Expansion into more e-commerce platforms

We’ve share quite a few times about Singtel’s Official Store on Lazada but here’s what’s new..

NPN has recently helped Singtel launch their official store on 3 more platforms – Qoo10, Shopee & EZbuy! Each platform has their own group of loyal users and supporters so presence on more platforms would definitely be beneficial for the brand.
But of course things do not end there. Just being present is not enough in these competitive platforms so you can be sure that you will see some attractive promotions coming your way.. Especially since the last quarter of the year is usually filled with many mega sale campaigns (9/9, 10/10, 11/11, etc..).

As Singtel’s appointed e-commerce management partner, NPN not only help to set-up and launch the shop on different platforms, the team also assists with the day-to-day operations, review and analyse trends and sales data to give customised suggestions on what can be improved so as to bring sales and conversion rates to greater heights. These are just what NPN can do for your business in a nutshell. Sounds good? You know what to do 😉


self-register your Prepaid SIM Card with Singtel’s new EKYC SIM

Prepaid SIM Cards were traditionally sold only at brick-and-mortar shops. You would have to bring along your passport or IC and have the store owner register your SIM for you. This process is now a thing of the past with Singtel.

Customers can now purchase a SIM card and do the registrations online, anytime of the day, in the comforts of their own home with the newly launched eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) service. The first-of-its-kind service is launched by Singtel, for its prepaid customers. It is designed to be fuss-free and easy and this self-registration process can be completed within 5 minutes. Watch the video below to find out more!

This would mean that prepaid SIM cards can soon be sold online for the first time ever. We at NPN are handling Singtel’s e-commerce platforms and hint hint.. you may want to keep a close watch on Singtel’s e-commerce shops for this very exciting launch.

NPN is built on a vision to redefine retail by enabling seamless engagement between retailers, supplies and end users since 2009. NPN has built a retail ecosystem that blends digital products and services in a unified way that features the retailers, suppliers and end users at the center.
By harnessing the latest advancement of internet and technology, we have been benefiting our stakeholders and building up trust with our partners through our work and commitments over the years. Our consistency in our development and work ethics have resulted in the generous support by more than a thousand of retail outlets and reputable companies in Singapore.

Source: Singtel

Singtel Dash payment will soon be accepted in Japan

Singtel Dash is a mobile wallet with a suite of benefits for users. It allows users to pay with Dash Visa Virtual account, pay on buses, trains and taxis, pay overseas, send money locally, remit money and exclusive deals for users as well as of course, making payments at Dash merchants.

Soon, users will also be able to pay for their purchases in Japan with Dash following the addition of mobile payment technology company Netstars to regional payment network VIA. Netstars has 100,000 shops in its payment network, including Family mart, outlets at Haneda airport and amusement parks.

Users will be able to instantly pay in their local currency, transact conveniently and securely, and enjoy competitive foreign exchange rates in Japan.

Spearheaded by Singtel, VIA is part of Singtel’s push to lead the growing but fragmented e-payment market as it looks to develop in new areas.

Mr Lang did not reveal the transaction volume on VIA since its launch. He said: “We are still ramping up. We want to create that network effect because… we need to focus on merchant points and customer sign-ups.”

NPN has been engaged by dash to help increase their merchant points and with these added benefits, we look forward an increased demand for Dash in terms of users as well as merchants.

NPN is built on a vision to redefine retail by enabling seamless engagement between retailers, supplies and end users since 2009. NPN has built a retail ecosystem that blends digital products and services in a unified way that features the retailers, suppliers and end users at the center.
By harnessing the latest advancement of internet and technology, we have been benefiting our stakeholders and building up trust with our partners through our work and commitments over the years. Our consistency in our development and work ethics have resulted in the generous support by more than a thousand of retail outlets and reputable companies in Singapore.


credits: The Straits Times

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