New POS Network (S) Pte Ltd established since 2009 – NPN is an all new diversify independent e-commerce platform which provides an innovative set of solutions for all business retailers. NPN electronic sales network has wide distribution channels in Singapore, China and Hong Kong.

Our Team

At NPN, our dedicated team to serve you at all times, while you browse through our selection of products via our POS terminal. The brains behind NPN is a global group of highly-skilled as well as motivated professional, who are experts in their various fields pertaining to customer service, operations, technology and finance.

Our Commitment

We strive to enrich lives and set new industry standards by bringing in quality solutions and products that will majorly cater convenience and generate better revenue for our business partners. NPN’s products and services serve a dual purpose – that of providing maximum benefits to the customers as well as the retailers.

Our Principles


As a company, we are honest, transparent and dependable. We are also licensed as well as regulated in the countries we carry out operations in.


In today’s hectic age, efficiency is highly sought after. Thanks to our NPN system, you can benefit from an innovative and easy-to-use system. We also simultaneously strive to get the latest model for our retailers’ usage.


We believe in teamwork, aim for perfection, and conduct business taking into account the customer’s journey. Our committed customer service team focuses on supporting our retailers and online users.

Our Customers

You can find NPN retailers at almost any location across Singapore, which include bus interchanges, shopping malls, MRT stations, HDB flat shops, etc. NPN represents a few hundred retailer shops in island wide and provides quality service to thousands of customers every day.

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Contact Us

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